When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

It certainly seems like I have come a long way since my last post. Almost a year. My exam for the end of my first module at the OU is in 10 days. Revision is going well.

What I have learnt academically is nothing compared to what I have learnt personally. I have learnt that no amount of therapy, medication, self-help books or yoga/meditation is conducive to a healthy body and mind, if that body and mind do not want to make positive changes. I didn’t want to make these changes for a long time.
Not long after my last post, I started volunteering for a project called Right Here. The project supports young people to develop resilience to all that life throws at them, creates awareness campaigns about mental health issues and conducts research into free and paid support networks. The people I’ve volunteered with during my time with the project have been wonderful and engaged and I feel we have made a small but vital impact within our community. It was also immensely helpful to have an external project on which to focus on whilst so much else around me was uncertain.

I’m also now vegan. It took me a while to get ‘there’ but I am sure with all my heart that I will never look back. Veganism and the concept of healthy, sustainable, cruelty-free living are working their way more and more into my consciousness, an incredibly welcome lifestyle and attitude adjustment. Tomorrow I will be attending my first ever Vegan festival and I could not be more excited!

Working hard, studying hard and volunteering hard have kept me deliciously busy. It’s good to be busy. Everyone in their 20’s should be busy! Meditation and yoga have assisted me to keep a healthy routine of self care, one I hope I stick with. Progress photos of some of the more challenging (for me!) yoga poses helps me to challenge and push myself physically. I have serious backbend envy at the moment, and so saving for a Dharma Yoga Wheel…


Turns out, this adult thing just takes a bit of getting used to.


2 thoughts on “When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

  1. aidywebster says:

    What did you study at the Open Uni? I was looking at the Creative Writing course, but I’ve decided to just try and make more of an effort to write rather than paying lots of money for someone to tell me the same thing, haha!
    How long have you been practicing yoga for? I’m in my 20s too and started around a year ago – can’t believe there was a time when I never meditated/practiced yoga! It’s so good for your mind/soul/body 🙂
    Nice to see you’re vegan too! Looking forward to any future posts from you about veganism 🙂 x


    1. inversexpression says:

      I’m just revising for my exam to end an international business module. My next one starts in October and is in social studies. They both interest me but I just want to get it finished now really! Only a year to go. OU is a great way to study! Had a few friends who’ve done creative writing though and they say pretty much that it’s better to develop your own writing style. Good luck though 🙂
      Yeah, about the same. Have just booked a yoga course starting in a couple of weeks, to improve my backbends 🙂 it’s amazing. So many people in the world don’t breathe properly!
      Well I’m starting to experiment with cooking more and more so may document a few things!
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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